During my stay in Porto, I was meeting the Ocean frequently. I cultivated a love affair with him. It started last year and I’ve been thinking about him since that moment. Water is a quantity that is permanently present in my work in various forms. Sometimes as steam, elsewhere as snow. The symbolic level of the works I have been working on lately revolves around the depth of the ocean to which I metaphorically relate the identity of a human individual. Identity in a general sense I understand as a solid foundation of personality, but it is formed throughout life. It creates a balance of chance and predestination. I look at the present critically and escape into fictional stories through which I process actual moments. The basis is time, image, and collage. I bend all elements to suit myself and create situations in space with which I transcend the boundaries of particular media or variables. Selection is an act that describes decisions and choices from a multitude of elements, information, actions, thoughts, or feelings. My work is linked to absurdity and poetry and is influenced by the principle and attitude of the Dadaist movement, although it also reflects surrealism at the moment.

Meeting the Ocean 

Unusually you hum and move with frequency and generosity. We communicate in a language that no one else understands. You show me treasures whose shapes are familiar to me. You enchant me when I least expect it. At other times you withdraw and frighten me. Your volume is defined by a line that is always in front of my eyes. I love that I can’t see it now, you hide it from me, erasing the boundaries. Suddenly you don’t have a defined territory, you’re growing and you’re screaming out loud. I’m cold around you. You drag me down to the bottom, somewhere deep, to a place I don’t know. It’s damp and dark and I’m scared. The light is mirroring and bouncing in my eyes. I see lines and beyond that a rift. The crack is round in shape through which time seeps. Despite my fear, I remain calm, I freeze, and I hear your voice enveloping me. You are my enemy but I love you. You make me brave.